Finding a Home, Made Easy for You

Want to avoid problematic agents, join a community of renters and earn while you house hunt?

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The easiest way to rent a home in Nigeria.

Say goodbye to dubious agents and endless hours checking houses you don't want; and say hello to a community of home-seekers like you with one thing in common: information about your current home.

1000+ members and counting.
1000+ members and counting.
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No extortion. Easy renting. Earn income.

How Does Liveable Work?

At Liveable, we've created a communal solution to Nigeria's housing problem.

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List Your Current Home

Fill our short form and provide us with your landlord's details. We'll do the rest.

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Earn Commission

Earn side income every time you list or refer a friend to list.

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Find a Home

Browse our verified listings, book a viewing, rent a home and move in. It's that easy.

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Searching for a home doesn't have to be an extreme sport.

Get listed. Find listings.

With Liveable, everyone listing means, everyone gets direct access to available properties for rent.

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Why Choose

At Liveable, everyone lists, so
everyone wins.

50% Less Charges

No more extortion. Liveable eliminates a chain of agents and connects you straight to the landlord/realtor, making rent up to 50% less expensive.

Reduced Wait Time

The average house search takes 2 months or more. With Liveable, you get inside information on available house rentals before they go on the market.

List & Earn

When you join the Liveable community, not only do you help yourself and other listers find homes easily, you earn when you link us directly to your landlord.

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